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Reasons to get a Chicago Wedding photo booth

Your special day is about four weeks away now and you want to add a little something extra that the guests will be raving about. Have you ever thought of adding a wedding booth to your wedding? There are a lot of Chicago wedding photo booth companies in the area that you can visit. Most of these companies will have different types of photo booths that you can choose. We recommend ordering in shop instead of going online. Shipping would cost way too much. If you plan on getting a photo booth for your wedding day, you will only need to spend about $30 for the truck and also hire at least two movers to lug it into the truck.


Instead of having a traditional “photo” lineup where all the guests get in a line, waiting to have their picture taken - you can go with a wedding photo booth. People will be able to go in and take silly pictures or even formal ones. Of course, it’s a good idea to announce this on the speaker so that way everyone knows they can go in the photo booth. There will be plenty of people lining up to get a photo booth snapshot.


Another reason why you’ll want to get a wedding photo booth is so you can get extra pictures aside from the photographer that is there. With a wedding photo booth, you can take as many as you want. They also have formal styles if you want to use those in your wedding photo. Just make sure to select a background with flowers, damask designs, or anything that relates to a wedding theme. Otherwise, you can take goofy pictures which can later be added to your wedding photo book. This is a great idea, especially if you are really into collecting photos. You could even make copies and pass them out to friends and families. So can your guests!


Do you want to recreate your wedding experience? Are you interested in out of the blue designs and themes? If yes, you should plan a unique and sensational theme for your big day! People who were married during the late 70’s were well known for their high collars and long trains. However, style has changed with time and people. You can always plan on a wedding theme that will delight you and your loved ones.


Amazing Fairytale wedding based themes


Fairytale wedding themes are common amongst young couples. The colorful theme will help you make use of interesting properties. For example, the bride could wear a huge ball gown with lots of flowers and crystals. Moreover, you can rent out a ballroom that looks and feels like a castle. Weddings with fairytale themes will be complete with five- to seven- course sit down dinner sessions with mouth watering dishes.


Modern Contemporary Themes


If you consider yourself as a modern duo, you should decide on Contemporary themes that revolve around busy cities! For example, you can opt for a French wedding. You can make use of special French candles for the event. Similarly, if you want a traditional Chinese wedding, you can finalize on bright red shades and fiery decors.


Faultless and Picture Perfect Wedding Themes


If you are not satisfied with a specific wedding theme, you can combine two or more themes together. However, bear in mind that the event must be remembered for its faultless nature and perfection. Additionally, the theme must talk about the couple! It should not revolve around a single person. This is why, everything about weddings are coupled together. Irrespective of the theme you choose, you can have two interlinked hearts, butterflies, candies and doves everywhere! So concentrate and use the wedding theme to serve a unique purpose.


Simplicity is best when it comes to party themes. Many people rack their brains over party games and come out with some very creative solutions. Sometimes they go online to look up party themes while at other times they simply think of a theme that they’ve wanted to do for a long time. They want a party theme that makes some part of their fantasies come true. Creative party themes can be a lot of fun. It is fun for both the host as well as the guests. They also lead to a lot of involvement of your guests in the party.


Keep Guests’ Comforts in Mind


Unfortunately some hosts go to the extremes in their party themes. They spend a lot of money on the party as you may that are very complex and elaborate theme will make the party success. All kinds of fancy gadgets, equipment and props are rented solely for the purpose of the party. Guests are informed well in advance on the theme so that they come dressed to blend in with the theme. This usually happens when the host is very enthusiastic about the idea or the theme for the party. What the host does not realize is that he needs to figure out how enthusiastic the guests are about his theme.


While most guests who accept an invitation to clean party will be willing to take certain amounts of pain to keep with the theme, everyone might not necessarily be as enthusiastic. This is why it is important to keep your themes simple. Simplicity in party themes can go a long way in making your guests comfortable. If there are too many props that are involved, or your guests need elaborate costumes, your party will soon become painful. Instead of enjoying the party the focus will be totally on the theme.


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